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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

The Disgraceful Attempt to Destroy judge Kavanaugh

The following are three important posts about the disgraceful way which the Democratic party attempted to destroy the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Godfather Politics

Lisa Boothe (@LisaMarieBoothe) October 1, 2018

Friend of Kavanaugh Accuser Told to Change Her Story to Back up Accusations

One of the people who Christine Blasey Ford claimed was a witness to a sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh — but who could not back up Ford’s false accusations — told the FBI that liberals came to her demanding that she change her story and come to the support of Ford and her lies against Kavanaugh.

According to new details released by the Wall Street Journal, Ford’s childhood friend, Leland Keyser, said she was “pressured” to change her story to support Ford’s attack on Kavanaugh.

Keyser reportedly told FBI investigators that Ford’s associate, former FBI agent Monica McLean, tried to bully her into changing her original statement that she could not remember any party and that she did not know Kavanaugh.

The paper said Keyser’s testimony to the FBI offered “a glimpse into how Dr. Ford’s allies were working behind the scenes to lobby old classmates to bolster their versions of the alleged incident.”

Keyser told the FBI that Ford’s operatives had come to her and told her to change her statement to stop the Republicans from using her lack of support for Ford as a talking point “to rebut the allegation against Judge Kavanaugh.”

But, Monica McLean’s lawyer, David Laufman, insists that they put no pressure on Keyser. “Any notion or claim that Ms. McLean pressured Leland Keyser to alter Ms. Keyser’s account of what she recalled concerning the alleged incident between Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh is absolutely false,” Laufman said.

The Journal story also noted that a several of the other people Ford claimed were witnesses to the crime back in the early 1980s were also approached by liberal operatives and told to change their stories to support the liberal attack against Judge Kavanaugh.

This comes on the heels of a story that said McLean coached Ford on how to beat a polygraph hinting that this whole thing has been a scheme long in the planning stages.

Ford’s ex-boyfriend claimed this week in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Ford had coached McLean on how to pass a polygraph test so she could get into the FBI. This accusation was serious because, if true, Ford perjured herself under oath when she said that she had “never” given anyone any tips on how to take a polygraph test.

This latest revelation comes after Ford’s story was thoroughly discredited by Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor that questioned her during her testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who said that her story was “even weaker” than a “he said, she said” case.


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