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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

The Media and “Racist” Cops

An interesting “take” on the war on our police. It’s a tragedy and a result, to a large extent to the radical group: “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”


The Media’s False Narrative about “Racist Cops” is to Blame for the War on Police

By Onan Coca July 21, 2016


It’s not just Fox News that’s been lamenting the liberal (and the media) narrative about “racist” police officers and their war on the black community. Even CNN is starting to note that the facts and the data don’t seem to bear out this tired old liberal canard about our racist law enforcement officers. In fact, CNN’s Harry Houck took things a step farther on Sunday when he opined that it was this false narrative flowing from the media that was largely to blame for the violence we now see being perpetrated against our nation’s police officers.

I tell you, it’s heart breaking to see police officers having to go through this again in another city.

The fact is that there is a war on the police and it has started, and the fact is that we have a narrative out there that is — that helps promote this type of things from occurring. You know, we had the shooting with Sterling in Baton Rouge, we don’t know the circumstances. That investigation has not ended yet.

That suspect was armed and still apparently there are a lot of people that think what the police officers did there was criminal. And that narrative out there makes people like this man who shot these three police officers very, very mad, even though it is a false narrative, and we have police officers that are being attacked because of that.

Yes, indeed.

Lost in the story swirling about Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge were the circumstances of his death. Why were police officers called and why did they end up firing at him? Sterling had just committed a crime, he was armed, and he resisted arrest. While his death is tragic, all of these other factors were lost in the media’s retelling of the story… and all that was heard was that the police had killed another black man.

It’s unconscionable.

There are most assuredly still matters of racism, discrimination, inequality, and systemic injustice that must be discussed, but the media’s decision to cherry-pick random stories from the daily news cycle and use these as litmus tests for our nation’s morality is doing us all a great disservice. Even worse, the liberal media’s false narrative is not just harming our nation — it’s literally killing our citizens.

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