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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Don’t You See? He’s a Trojan Horse

If anyone who reads my blog had any question about my post entitled “A Dark Political Future” on March 28, please it read again and then this post. Without a question, Donald Trump is the Democrats’ Trojan horse. How else does one rationally explained what has happened to Trump during this past week. No one, unless totally psychotic, would have said the following, which I will paraphrase:
1. In an interview with Chris Matthews, Trump was asked that if abortion were made illegal, and women had to undergo “illegal” abortions, who would be liable and who should be punished. Trump responded that the women should be punished!!! It’s certain that he’s crazy! No one, even the most staunch pro-lifer would indicate that. And he’s not psychotic he’s doing this on purpose. How better to alienate scores of women voters than to blame them for having the abortion and that they should be punished? Of course his handlers must have had an epileptic fit and got him on the trail to walk back his stupid statement. So now, he is blaming the physicians who did the abortion that they should be punished. Too late.Women are, understandably, fuming with many of them likely flocking into the Hillary Clinton camp.

2.Trump, when asked, about NATO, he indicated that the United States should get out of NATO! That the Europeans should pay for their own defense. How about that? Is there a better way to see Europe implode and the United States be more threatened? It just indicates that he knows little about foreign affairs except that we pay too much for it. Not a good prospect for the presidency.

3. When asked, Trump thinks that Japan and South Korea should develop their own nuclear weapons (since China and North Korea have theirs) and that the United States should stop protecting them with our nuclear umbrella. How’s a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula sound to you? With a dope like this, perhaps you might change your mind about voting for him.

4. Trump continues to use inflamatory language to excoriate Cruz, Cruz’s wife, and Kasick. Does a person seeking the presidency of the United States respond in such a way? Of course not. It is clear that Trump does not want to become president but only to sabotage the GOP.

5. Trump continues to soundly support the head of his campaign staff, Mr. Lewandowski, who isalleged to have committed battery against a female reporter. And on film, no less. Hey! Let’s enrage more women!

Heap upon these latest follies with his bungled efforts to denounce the KKK or his John McCain insults or his Megyn Kelly insults or his failure to even know what the nuclear triad is (a rock group perhaps), or his threats that there will be riots if he is not the nominee.These all, I think, alienate some who now support him, women, Republicans who support the other candidates and now there is a poll indicating that he is negatively viewed by over 60% of likely voters. Well, nominate him, he’ll lose, and Hillary will become president. Job well done, Donald.

What more does anyone really need to convince him/her that Trump is a “stalking horse,” a “Trojan Horse,” destroying the Republican party and ensuring a weak, possibly indicted Hillary Clinton’s victory. I wonder what she and the Democrats promised him for him to do this?

To save us: 1) Let’s find some good investigative reporters who can obtain the evidence that Trump is indeed a Democrat “plant.” 2) Republicans should come together and support Ted Cruz and give up the animosity directed toward him. He’s a 1000% better candidate than Trump and a real conservative. He’d be a good president. 3) If not Cruz, who? Not Kasick who is sort of a RINO. Rather, go into an open convention, nominate Paul Ryan, and pull out all the Republican national committee and super- pack resources, and more; try to reverse some of the Trump damage; and do whatever it takes to get Ryan elected!

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