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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

A Dark Political Future

TS Eliot wrote in in his monumental work, “The Waste Land,” that “April is the cruelest month . . .” Well, January through March hasn’t been much better, especially as regards the chaos within our political system, which used to be the most stable in the world. No longer, I’m afraid.

First, the Democrats. If it were not ultimately so tragic it could be a comedy. “Bernie” wants to forever change the United States into a “Socialist Heaven,” especially for those who would rather not work. Why work when “mother government” provides all? And Hillary, who would already be indicted for the worst litany of lawbreaking in our times, if she were not protected by Obama and “Bill.” Except, she won’t be indicted until after the election. And then what? Will she be able to pardon herself? Wow! Great! And I’m “happy” to say she out-Bernie’s Bernie in her left wing Socialist madness. Hooray for the Democrats.

And the Republicans –––  I can hear strange rumblings in the caskets of Lincoln and Reagan. In a sense, the Republicans are worse than the Democrats. They are just plain, without a doubt, impossibly stupid. They had the 2016 presidency all theirs, for the taking. But instead, they handed it out to a loud-mouth, blustering, con-man who works for Hillary. Come on! You can’t be one of the millions of Republican know-nothings who believe Trump wants to be president. His goal is to wreck the GOP, tearing it apart for years to come, destroying the future of the United States in order to get his pal, Hillary, the unelectable, to be elected. Hey, thanks Donald. Trump’s certain nomination is being lauded by millions of people who come to his rallies and are counted as “Reagan Democrats,” Democrats who have switched parties, and “all the new people the Republicans have always wanted to change the political demographics.” Oh how stupid these “Trump real Republican” voters are. All these so-called “new” Republicans are merely going to the primaries to get Trump nominated. You can bet they will be voting for Hillary, or maybe even Bernie, on election day. And of course, the ultra-left wing media are helping Trump get elected. Hundreds and hundreds of TV pictures and interviews all for free. How awful!

And let me once again explain for those of you who don’t quite understand, I want to reiterate why this is happening. Because Trump is a Trojan horse. His goal is to destroy the Republican Party in order to get Hillary elected. He and Hillary are friends! And now Trump has already succeeded no matter how events unfold. Just think about the following scenarios:

1. If Trump is the nominee many Republicans just won’t vote and he will clearly lose to Hillary.
2. If Trump loses at the convention, he will walk out, form a third party, split the Republican vote and the GOP will lose.
3. And if the so-called Republican “elites” form a third party in order to stop Trump as they have threatened to do ––– again the GOP will split, and Hillary will win.

From my vantage point, one must choose the best of the worst. I think that if Trump is the nominee, the best approach is to back him. He will lose and will be blamed. Then the party can try to reunite and plan for the future. On the other hand if the threat of a Republican split off third party is formed the “elites” will be blamed for the loss and a permanent cleavage will result and the conservative political view will be overwhelmed by the Socialist Democrats, probably for generations to come.

And of course there is something else that will happen no matter which way the Republicans lose. Think what’ll happen when Hillary or Bernie choose the next two or three justices of the Supreme Court, moving it far to the left for a generation or likely more.The outlook is grim and dark. We can only hope for a miracle.

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