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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Barack Hussein Obama: Who is He? Really?

Last week it came to national (and perhaps international ) attention that a beautiful 32-year-old woman, Kathie Steinli was walking with her father in San Francisco, California. She was gunned down by an illegal Mexican immigrant who had been deported from the United States five times and had been tagged with 6 felony charges. He had found his way to San Francisco because it was a sanctuary city –– and despite requests by the federal authorities to jail him, the sheriff of San Francisco refused, because San Francisco is a sanctuary city, and thus let him go, and the felon went on to shoot Ms. Steinli with an illegally obtained gun. I won’t go into the question of how bad sanctuary cities are or that our borders no longer exist, allowing anyone to enter, and how this is destroying the country, and how the Obama administration seems to be relishing this. No, it’s no use doing that.

But, despite the fact that President Obama speaks to or meets with the families, or goes or sends surrogates to the funerals, of young black males who are shot by police or by psychotic racists, he has not and probably will not call or meet with Kathie Steinli’s family or even mention the killing. This raises serious questions about him. I wonder what can explain this callousness? What do you think?

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