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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Saudis Say Thanks, But No Thanks


Saudi Arabia’s King pulled out of the summit that Barack Obama was planning on holding. The summit was directed toward building Arab support for a nuclear accord with the Iran. After this, the ruler of Bahrain also pulled out. So far, the emirs of Qatar and Kuwait have still indicated they are coming. What this means is that the Arab states aren’t in accord with the United States actions and planned to have to one their own to counter Tehran as Saudi Arabia has done in leading a military coalition against Iranian backed rebels in Yemen. The Obama administration had planned this summit as a method to build Arab support for the Iran nuclear deal they had hoped to conclude by the end of June. It is difficult to understand how all Obama and all his foreign policy gurus could fail to understand the deep antipathy that the Sunni Arabs have for the Persian Shiites. The antipathy is strong and has roiled Middle Eastern politics for over 1500 years. And of course, snubbing Obama indicates how far American influence in the Middle East has fallen.

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