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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Ebola in the USA On the Verge of Spreading

Events are changing from bad to worse. The Obama administration is on the road to plunge the United States into an Ebola epidemic.  At present, there is a doctor critically ill in Bellevue Hospital in New York City. He has Ebola (he came from West Africa where he had been treating Ebola patients). His girlfriend is in mandatory quarantine. He had come home and traveled around New York city before symptoms arose. There are other unknown individuals who came in contact with him and who are being monitored in the New York City area. A nurse is quarantined (and raising hell about it) in Newark, New Jersey. She allegedly has no symptoms, but had recently been treating Ebola patients. There are nine people in Connecticut who are being monitored for Ebola and the governor there has declared a public health emergency.

Gov. Christie of New Jersey and Gov. Cuomo of New York have mandated that all people coming from West Africa and who come into JFK and Newark airports and who admit they were in contact with an Ebola patient, will be quarantined for 21 days. This is a good step forward in dealing with Ebola –––  but what if the person lies?  Or is a terrorist infected with the virus and coming here to cause an epidemic?

There MUSt be a total and complete cessation of flights from West Africa. And any people coming into the United States from overseas who have recently been in West Africa MUST be quarantined –––  NOT VOLUNTARILY ––––  for 21 days. Quarantine sites should be set up in all the states with airports likely to have overseas flights coming in. We must stop the infection NOW or we will be thrust into the most serious plague this country or perhaps the world has ever experienced.

And we must put pressure on those fools in Washington to do these things immediately. The future of our country depends on a TRAVEL BAN and a VIGOROUS QUARANTINE PROGRAM!

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