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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Obama vs Ebola

We MUST stop all flights from West Africa to the United States! IMMEDIATELY!!  Obama is risking the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans with his failure to act; Obama risks the financial structure of the United States with his failure to act; Obama risks civil disorder and riots with his failure to act;  Obama risks disintegration of the medical system in the United States with his failure to act.
With the development of Ebola in Ms. Nina Pham,  a nurse who cared for Thomas Duncan, the Liberian who died of the disease six days ago, the efficacy of defensive protocols to protect the medical caregivers are now being questioned. However, it might also be that we do not understand the disease completely.
It is known that the body fluids of an infected individual are contaminated, and coming in contact with them is responsible for the spread of the illness. Now, it seems that a well respected infectious disease group at the University of Minnesota and a virologist at Purdue University who has studied Ebola since 2003 suggest that we cannot be certain that Ebola will not be spread via the aerosol route since it has been shown that the virus can infect lung cells of laboratory animals via this route. And in this epidemic the virus might very well have undergone enough mutations to allow it to become an airborne infectious agent. In addition, when the disease is at its peak, hemorrhage is widespread and in the nasal passages resultant sneezing can occur and shower the air and the surrounding environment with bloody discharge filled with Ebola.
Finally, it has been thought that the incubation period is three weeks and that the patients infected become contagious only when signs and symptoms occur –––  fever, cough, diarrhea, hemorrhage, etc. That might not be totally correct. Although the viral load systemically might not be as high as when the patient becomes  symptomatic, the body fluids might well contain some Ebola and indeed be infective.
There is much that is not known about Ebola. but it is clear that to keep Americans safe and the underlying structure of the United States sound –––  ALL TRAFFIC FROM WEST AFRICA MUST BE  SUSPENDED AND ALL PERSONS COMING FROM OTHER OVERSEAS SITES MUST BE CAREFULLY SCREENED BY QUALIFIED AUTHORITIES BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO ENTER THE UNITED STATES. And oh, by the way, our troops can come back from West Africa via military flights and the materials to fight the epidemic in West Africa can also be sent in that manner. In no way will the  suspension of civilian flights from West Africa hinder the help which can come from the United States to fight the epidemic in that area.
The only thing that prevents this appropriate approach is Obama. And why does he prevent the suspension of flights coming from West Africa? Does he think it will look like racism? Does he think it would interfere with his determination to provide amnesty for undocumented aliens? Or is there something else? Something even worse?

And one further note about the Ebola  crisis. The Republican Party is being accused of igniting and indeed causing the Ebola epidemic! Why? For “cutting” appropriations for the CDC.  A left wing group called the Agenda Project has launched an ad on social media showing Africans dead and dying because of Republicans.They plan to adapt this ad for TV. This is of course a blatant lie. Congress allocated $300 million more than Obama requested for the CDC this year. The left wing in this country is without conscience or capable of civil discussion. They are the “bottom of a stinking barrel”. And the Democratic Party and Obama stand aside and cheer them on while they continue to damage and possibly irreparably cripple the United States.

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