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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Back Home on the Blogosphere

Hey,  you few, adventurous, and extremely intelligent fans who occasionally visit my blog, I am back. Have spent 2 1/2 precious months of my life moving, i.e. transferring my overbloated existence to another nest––– another place to experience the existential–––  whatever that means.

During that time, I kept my eyes open the ever-passing scene we call the “news” or rather the “olds” or perhaps more appropriately, the “lies.”

Nothing much changed. Obama got a break, as usual. His buddy Putin  decided to re-enact Europe 1938. But, Putin “ ain’t” Hitler. He’s worse. More dangerous. He’s got nuclear weapons, biologic weapons, chemical weapons, and is clearly smarter than Obama (Churchhill and Roosevelt were smarter than Hitler, but didn’t do much better either, did they?).

If Reagan or  George W  were president, I doubt that Putin would be performing an  “Adolf” on the big screen. But what the hell. It took the heat off of Barack H. Almost nobody’s talking about ObamaCare anymore and his Democrats are playing a new game: dismantling Paul Ryan. More on that on the post that follows.

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