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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Thanks a Lot Obama!

Iraq is in flames. Al Qaeda has overrun Fallujah and flies their black flag over the government buildings. The capture of Fallujah came during an explosion of violence across the western desert province of Anbar in which local tribes, Iraqi security forces, and Al Qaeda affiliated militants have been fighting one another in a violent, bloody war. And what about the 8000 Iraqi civilians who were killed in sectarian violence during the past year? Why? Because our benighted president, Barack Hussein Obama, failed to sign a treaty with the Iraqi government and left without a status of forces agreement, taking all American troops out precipitously in order to satisfy his ultra-left-wing antiwar constituency and his personal desire to see America reduced in its international stature. Nice going Barack! Is he really our president?

We have three more years of this ––– with his crippling,, defunct, irrational key achievement ––– ObamaCare (!) damaging our economy and inflicting misery on millions of Americans and his overseas misadventures, Iraq being only one of many ––––  will we survive as a nation?? We can only hope and pray that, by some miracle, we will.

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