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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Archive for January, 2014

Physician Satisfaction and Burnout at Different Career Stages

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Physicians have a challenging job and face a lot of obstacles throughout their careers. It is therefore reasonable to wonder how satisfied they are with their job, how fatigued they are (both physically and mentally), and other challenges they experience during their career. Through a recent study some interesting information was gained as it explored the work lives, professional satisfaction, and burnout of US physicians by career stage and differences across sexes, specialties, and practice setting. Some key findings include, as reported  on MD/Linx 1/10/14 (<MDLinx Internal Med <newsletter@newsone.mdlinx.com>):

Early career physicians had the lowest satisfaction with overall career choice, the highest frequency of work-home conflicts, and the highest rates of depersonalization.
Physicians in middle career worked more hours, took more overnight calls, had the lowest satisfaction with their specialty choice and their work-life balance, and had the highest rates of emotional exhaustion and burnout.
Middle career physicians were most likely to plan to leave the practice of medicine for reasons other than retirement in the next 24 months. The challenges of middle career were observed in both men and women and across specialties and practice types.
Burnout, satisfaction, and other professional challenges for physicians vary by career stage. Middle career appears to be a particularly challenging time for physicians. Efforts to promote career satisfaction, reduce burnout, and facilitate retention need to be expanded beyond early career interventions and may need to be tailored by career stage.

And with ObamaCare destroying the profession and practice of medicine, the problem will only get worse.

Who Needs State Governors Anyway??

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Once more the Outlaw Obama Administration has made an end run around the Constitution. Their action raises the question, “Who needs State Governors?” On 1/10/14, Fox News reported the following:

Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday the federal government will recognize more than 1,000 same-sex marriages in Utah, despite an earlier announcement this week from the state’s governor saying the state would not.

The decision means those Utah couples will have access to federal benefits that are available to married couples in other states, including the ability to file joint tax returns. It also adds to the confusion in the state following a surprise ruling last month against the state’s same-sex marriage ban.

Hundreds of gay couples got married before another court put those weddings on hold. The Justice Department statement marked the first time the Obama administration formally weighed in on the debate with any action.

“Recently, an administrative step by the Court has cast doubt on same-sex marriages that have been performed in the state of Utah. And the governor has announced that the state will not recognize these marriages pending additional Court action,” Holder said. “In the meantime, I am confirming today that, for purposes of federal law, these marriages will be recognized as lawful and considered eligible for all relevant federal benefits on the same terms as other same-sex marriages.”

He added: “These families should not be asked to endure uncertainty regarding their status as the litigation unfolds. In the days ahead, we will continue to coordinate across the federal government to ensure the timely provision of every federal benefit to which Utah couples and couples throughout the country are entitled – regardless of whether they in same-sex or opposite-sex marriages.”

The National Organization for Marriage condemned the government’s stance.

“With this move, the Department of Justice under this administration signals that it simply has no regard for the Constitution and the rule of law,” NOM President Brian Brown said in a written statement.

On Wednesday, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert said that the state will not recognize same-sex marriages performed since last month, leaving gay couples in the lurch amid the raging court battle. AND, OF COURSE, THE EXISTENTIAL QUESTION OF WHETHER WE STILL HAVE A REPUBLIC WITH STATES RIGHTS?

The State Department Finally Confesses

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

On 1/10/14 Fox News reported the following about the Benghazi terrorist attack, finally admitting the role of Al Qaeda connected groups to the attack.

The State Department on Friday for the first time blamed specific groups and militants for the 2012 Benghazi attack, designating them as terrorists — a move that further undermines initial claims the attack was spontaneous.

The department announced that it was labeling Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi and Ansar al-Sharia in Darnah as terror organizations, in part over their role in the Benghazi attack. It applied the same label to Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia, over a separate attack on Americans in Tunis.

The State Department also labeled as terrorists Sufian bin Qumu, head of the Darnah branch and a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, and Ahmed Abu Khattalah, head of the Benghazi branch.

Fox News previously reported that the two were suspected of playing a role in the attack. And despite State Department claims that Al Qaeda leadership was not involved and a recent news report echoing that assessment, Fox News has learned that bin Qumu has Al Qaeda ties.

According to his Guantanamo file, he has historic ties to the Al Qaeda network, including training at one point at “Usama bin Laden’s Torkham camp.”

The State Department, in its announcement Friday, specifically discussed allegations against the Ansar al-Sharia branches.

“Ansar al-Shari’a in Benghazi and Ansar al-Shari’a in Darnah have been involved in terrorist attacks against civilian targets, frequent assassinations, and attempted assassinations of security officials and political actors in eastern Libya, and the September 11, 2012 attacks against the U.S. Special Mission and Annex in Benghazi, Libya,” the department said. “Members of both organizations continue to pose a threat to U.S. interests in Libya.”

Shortly after the attack, administration officials indicated it was related to protests over an anti-Islam film that were raging elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East, describing it as spontaneous. They have since backed off that explanation, though have not ruled out the film as having played some role. Many lawmakers, though, have claimed the film was not a factor and the attack was planned by terrorists.

The department on Friday cited Khattalah and bin Qumu over their leadership roles in the al-Sharia organizations. Khattalah, though, told Fox News in October 2012 that while he was at the U.S. consulate that night, he was not responsible for the attack. He claimed he was helping Libyan security workers defending the compound.

The new terror designation bars anyone from providing or trying to provide “material support or resources” to those organizations and individuals, and freezes any assets they have in the U.S. The State Department announced that it has also updated its Rewards for Justice website to include a reward of up to $10 million for information leading to the arrest or conviction of anyone involved in the Benghazi attack.

The department had faced criticism for not including that reward on the website, though officials claimed reward offers had nevertheless been made.

Four Americans died in the 2012 attack, and so far nobody has been brought to justice in connection with the killings.

“The U.S. government is committed to taking all appropriate actions against the organizations and individuals responsible for the attacks against the U.S. diplomatic facilities in Libya and Tunisia,” the State Department said, also referring to a 2012 attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tunis.

The Economy Continues to Limp Along

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

The Obama Administration has been touting the economic recovery. Really?? Yesterday it was reported that the U.S. economy added only 74,000 jobs in December, well shy of estimates and dinging hopes of a widespread jobs recovery.

The headline unemployment rate fell to 6.7%, the lowest level in five years. But the rate fell primarily because hundreds of thousands of people left the workforce unable to find jobs, according to figures released Friday by the U.S. Department of Labor.

With 347,000 dropping out of the workforce, the labor force participation rate, which measures people actively looking for work, fell to 62.8%, a four-decade low.

Economists had predicted 196,000 new jobs last month and that the unemployment rate would
remain unchanged at 7%.

There are now 92 million Americans living wholly or partly on the federal dole. There will be an even larger number quite soon as the ineffective, pathetic efforts of the Obama administration fail, for the 5th year in a row, to improve the economy and the jobs market.

Thanks a Lot Obama!

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Iraq is in flames. Al Qaeda has overrun Fallujah and flies their black flag over the government buildings. The capture of Fallujah came during an explosion of violence across the western desert province of Anbar in which local tribes, Iraqi security forces, and Al Qaeda affiliated militants have been fighting one another in a violent, bloody war. And what about the 8000 Iraqi civilians who were killed in sectarian violence during the past year? Why? Because our benighted president, Barack Hussein Obama, failed to sign a treaty with the Iraqi government and left without a status of forces agreement, taking all American troops out precipitously in order to satisfy his ultra-left-wing antiwar constituency and his personal desire to see America reduced in its international stature. Nice going Barack! Is he really our president?

We have three more years of this ––– with his crippling,, defunct, irrational key achievement ––– ObamaCare (!) damaging our economy and inflicting misery on millions of Americans and his overseas misadventures, Iraq being only one of many ––––  will we survive as a nation?? We can only hope and pray that, by some miracle, we will.

William S. Frankl, MD, All Rights Reserved