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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

The Merry Month of May

As the month of May, 2013,  fades  into the dull and dumbed down history of this poor benighted year, it is clear we have a federal government in disarray –––  scandal (Benghazi) after scandal (the IRS) after scandal (journalist records) –––  on top of five years flouting the Constitution and lie after lie after lie.
Actually, the most egregious of all the awful actions of this awful Administration concerns the Presidents statements about  the “War on Terror” on Memorial Day. Hey, everyone, guess what? The war on terror is over! We won! Now, if buildings are blown up and marathon murders and mayhem are caused by jihadists,  we’ll call these events crimes and send in the police and the FBI. And if we ever catch the perps, we’ll read them their Miranda rights and put them in jail with three hot meals a day and copies of the Koran.
Maybe this is all a bad dream. Maybe we’ll wake up and find out that we’ve all been in a parallel universe for the past five years and we are now back in the good old, patriotic USA, where our President and at least most of our Senators and Representatives love America and want to defend it –––  and where the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are still sacrosanct.

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