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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

What Can Conservatives Do?

We conservatives have been dumped into the “waste land” by last November’s election. Former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, the new president of the Heritage Foundation, thinks that there are four things that conservatives can do to “ . . . take control of our ideas and our message.”

1. “Continue to battle ObamaCare.” Nothing brings us closer to becoming a European-style Social Democracy (Socialist) than ObamaCare. Over the past few months, many of the semi-psychotic rules and regulations of this monstrosity (more than 2700 pages with 15,000 or more new regulations and taxes) have been exposed to the public. There is a very small (perhaps tiny) window left open to repeal this takeover of the health care system and point the nation toward a more hopeful future.

2. “Fix our immigration system to promote lawful entry.” Congress and the president seem to be equally willing to “fix” the system. I fear, however, that when both Houses and the president agree, we, the public, will suffer ––– higher taxes, more regulations, more hyperbole. I see it only as this: first and foremost truly control the borders, primarily in the Southwest and California. Then and only then, offer citizenship to the illegals already here. But not the other way around. That’s a road leading to a re-forming of American culture and our political system that will make us unrecognizable in fifty years.

3. “Balance the budget.” Our national debt will strangle us and delegitimize our role in the world. We have to stop spending! Hold the line! No new programs! But these words might as well be written in hieroglyphics ––– there’s no one in Congress or the Administration that understands these words.

4. “Strengthen families and other private institutions.” Much of the degradation of American culture has been due to the dissolution of the family, the downgrading of marriage as the bedrock of society, the de-valuation of religion, and the increasing dependency on the government to solve life’s recurrent financial and social problems. Can’t this all be turned around? Don’t bet on it.

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