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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

The Fiscal Cliff and Beyond

Already the major elements of the second Obama term are clear. America will be in disaster mode. We can be certain now that we will be going over the “Fiscal Cliff,” so-called, an event produced by Obama and the Democrats. Of course, Obama wants this. His proposal to the Republicans was filled with arrogance, disdain, and utter contempt. Yes, Obama wants to go over the “Cliff.” It’s made to order for him ––– huge new tax revenues, crippling spending cuts for the military, a new recession, and skyrocketing unemployment. His goal is almost achieved ––– America will no longer intervene in the world ––– militarily or economically. Of course not, we’ll be bankrupt and the government will become even more bloated, doling out support for those ravaged by his administration. And prepare yourself for a third term and possibly beyond. But the Constitution insists on two terms only for a president––– isn’t that correct? The Constitution? Who cares about the Constitution? Obama will sign an executive order. We’ll have him and his horrific administration for a long and probably irreversible time.

And the amusing thing about going over the “Fiscal Cliff” is that all the disasters surrounding it will be blamed on the Republicans!

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