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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Archive for September, 2012

Screed Over

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Well, I guess I’m over my wild screed about Romney and Obama. I’m back to ground zero. Despite any Romney misgivings, he’s 1000% better for the nation than Obama. So, go Romney! Win this thing! Clean Obama’s clock in the debate on October 3.

America At The Precipice

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

In just 10 days, America has been pushed to the precipice. It appears that there is no way our vaunted political process can save the nation.

The Romney campaign is in free fall and I suspect will shatter into 1000 pieces with the first debate. Hey, Mitt. I’m likely in what you call the 47%. I’m getting federal money and so is my wife (money we had taken from us over a working lifetime, I might add, money that I could have invested infinitely better than the government). And you know what Mitt, I’ve been out on the hustings and posting on my blog FOR YOU for weeks. So you don’t care about me? A lifelong Republican? And what about all the forty percenters in the armed forces? And seniors?  Mitt, your neural wires are all crossed, or you have English as a second language, or you really don’t want to be president. Well, enough about you.

Then there is Obama, the great “reacher outer” to the Muslim world (I won’t make any nasty remarks about why). You were going to make things great with the Muslims. How? Why, because you were you? Sorry, man. You stepped in it again. After a week of lies that the slaughter at our consulate in Benghazi was a “spontaneous” uprising (amazingly these guys came to riot “spontaneously” with RPGs and machine guns) concerning  some kook video about Mohammed (you knew almost from the start it was indeed a terrorist attack ) you continued the falsehoods about it, i.e. that it WAS NOT a terrorist attack. I guess the fact the Libyan attack occurred on the anniversary of  September 11th slaughter was just a coincidence, huh.

And even now in response to the riots, you made a stupid video featuring you and Hillary asking for the Pakistanis to forgive America and our government and that you want them to know we had no hand in making the infamous “ video” (with just a little tangential excuse about our First Amendment. Maybe in your second term you can cancel the First Amendment). So, the Muslim world is ablaze–––all over the globe with threats to our embassies (even in England and Australia, would you believe?). But you won’t admit that your foreign policy is a gigantic bust, that the Muslim world hates you as well as all of us. And there are a few other things about your failed foreign policy such as Iraq, Afghanistan, undercutting England, Israel, the Poles, the Czechs, and other good guys, but promise, as you whisper to the then president of Russia, that you’ll be able to do what he and Putin want after reelection. You are terrific, man!

And what about your screed concerning redistribution of wealth? Recorded, of course way back in 1998 and more recently in your face-to-face with Joe the plumber. I thought redistribution of wealth was a communist/socialist/Marxist idea that has failed throughout history. So you want that for America, and you’re actually our president and you want another four years–––or perhaps President for Life like your buddy Hugo Chavez?

You’ve trashed America to the world, you’ve trashed our allies, you brought us to the brink of insolvency ––– and you want four more years?!!!
And even if the Republicans win the Senate and keep the House, we’re still burnt toast. Because Obama will do whatever he wants by regulation and Executive Order. Bye, bye Constitution. We really don’t need you now that we have Obama. Right?

Oh my Lord! The only alternative is Mitt Romney? George W. Bush where are you when we need you?

Where Am I?

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

I have found myself unwillingly dragged into a parallel universe, a universe where up is down and down is up; where truth is false and lies are truth; where 236 years of a nation’s life (ours) is being systematically destroyed. Wait! Perhaps this is only a nightmare. I’ll wake up. Alas, I have serious doubts whether I will wake up or be delivered back into the universe I used to inhabit.

Our consulate in Libya was attacked, our ambassador to Libya was dragged out of the consulate, dragged through the streets, and is killed, as are three other American colleagues. And this outrage occurred on September 11th. The President and Secretary of State of the United States condemned the killings, although their statements were laced with the nauseating pap that we mustn’t ridicule or denigrate other religions (I guess they mean Islam, since I don’t know any other religion whose adherents attack, kill, burn, and pillage whenever a statement, offensive or not, challenges the verities of its religious founder). Allegedly, the President and the Secretary of State were apologizing for our free speech (remember the First Amendment to the Constitution?) concerning a film, which no one has seen, criticizing the prophet Mohammed. Incidentally, today a Libyan official (and our own intelligence people) indicated that the attack and murder of the Ambassador in Libya was orchestrated by some extremists to coincide with the September 11th date and that the so-called “insulting film” was only an excuse to fire up crowds so that the dastardly act could be performed more easily. Oh, but Obama and Clinton must apologize. Oh, you bet.

And the  attack on our embassy in Cairo, resulting in the American flag being torn down, ripped, burned, and an Islamic flag substituted–––how about that? Also on September 11th,  also, due to a film no one has seen? Egypt, a so-called ally, a nation receiving $1.3 billion of taxpayer money for their military, a nation that is now run by the Muslim brotherhood, after our ally, President Mubarak  was “thrown under the bus” by us, and replaced by this extremist organization.

So, let’s apologize for all these things that are beginning to happen to us. Perhaps we should get President Obama to apologize for killing Osama bin Laden? Perhaps we should continue to show abject weakness. That’s it ––– appear weak and appeasing and these thugs, these savages, will go away and leave us alone.

And when the only voice of courage ––– the only voice that did not apologize, the only voice that criticized this abject administration that runs our country ––– was that of Mitt Romney, he is the one viciously criticized, viciously ridiculed by Obama and his lap dogs in the media. Well, that’s certainly appropriate. We certainly wouldn’t want to criticize the jihadists!

Oh, yes. This is a parallel universe, a nightmare perhaps, certainly not the universe I grew up in.

Just Look Out If Obama Gets a Second Term

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

With the Republican convention over, we know pretty much what they are going to do IF Romney is elected, the House stays Republican, and the Senate goes Republican.

The Democrat convention is next week and we prepare for a red meat assault on, as well as nasty ridicule of, the Republicans. But I suspect we won’t hear much about Obama’s plans for a second term, since if he told us, he wouldn’t have a chance to be reelected.

So here goes what he is likely to do if reelected, and the list will probably be much longer than this and equally frightening:

1. Higher taxes, especially on higher income citizens and small businesses, including a big increase in the taxes on dividends, capital gains, and inheritance.
2. Continuing skyrocketing deficits, since Obama refuses to address necessary changes in Social Security and Medicare, which are the drivers of the deficit. Instead, he will spend recklessly on education, infrastructure, and “green” energy.
3. It’s likely Obama will push for climate change legislation and regulation, which will require increased taxes on companies and individuals as well as a big bump in fossil fuel energy costs to businesses and individuals.
4. Obama is an autocrat. This said, when Congress refuses to pass his desired legislation, he will continue to subvert the Constitution through regulations and executive orders. You can be sure that the EPA will be at the forefront of this favorite ploy of his. And ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank will go forward with little to prevent the bureaucrats in the specific  agencies from framing more and more onerous regulations to consolidate these laws.
5. The Supreme Court will likely change from a moderate right of center to a far left court if a vacancy should occur. Likewise, there are a large number of a appellate court vacancies, which Obama will be able to fill, providing resulting on a left wing judiciary for over a generation.
6. And finally, foreign policy will move forward with potential nightmare scenarios that include a nuclear Iran, a Mideast war, an increasingly militant Chinese threat to Taiwan, a more and more bellicose North Korea threatening the South, etc., as the size and capabilities of our Armed Forces shrink and Obama refuses to foster United States leadership in the free world.

Remember, it’s a long, long time from May to September, but the days grow short when you reach September. The days whittle down to a precious few . . . September, NOVEMBER!
Therefore, don’t forget to carefully mull over all these issues when you vote in NOVEMBER.

William S. Frankl, MD, All Rights Reserved