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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Archive for June, 2012

The Outlaw President

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

In old Western cowboy films, outlaws roamed the plains. Law-abiding folks got their sheriffs or marshals to get these outlaws and lock them up. Today, Arizona, the locale for many Westerns, has a big, big outlaw, with a large army of bureaucrats arrayed against this law-abiding citizenry and their “sheriffs” (Governor, 2 Senators, and yes, even their sheriffs).

The astonishing events yesterday (6/25/12) involving the Supreme Court, Arizona, and the Obama administration clearly shows that we have an Outlaw President who despises the States of our Republic, the Supreme Court, the Congress, the Constitution and the rule of law.

After the Supreme Court in an 8-0 opinion, indicated that individuals stopped for a crime ––– major or minor or in-between, could be asked to show whether they were in the United States legally. Thus, saith the Court ––– basically that Arizona has a right to protect its citizens since being in the United States illegally is against the law.

Almost immediately, the Outlaw President took out his six shooter and began firing. First, he shut down the long-standing communication system which the Arizona police and the Homeland Security system/Immigration Service had which tracked and identified illegals. In essence, this move by Obama abrogated the Supreme Court decision by indicating that his administration no longer cared if an illegal was roaming the Arizona streets. It would not carry out the law to deport such illegals even if identified by the Arizona police. Thus, the Outlaw President thumbed his nose at the Supreme Court and the State of Arizona.

Then, the Outlaw President thumbed his nose at Arizona again by setting up a hotline between Arizona and the Homeland Security system/Immigration Service urging anyone to call in about alleged racial profiling by Arizona police officers while carrying out the above law deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court. Of course, this puts all Arizona police at risk of arrest and imprisonment.

President Obama is the Outlaw President. His administration will not prosecute a law he doesn’t like, but will promote laws (as regulations or administrative orders) he likes and that Congress won’t pass. This type of behavior makes a mockery and a shambles of 236 years of our history as a nation. He and his lawbreaking apparatus must go! November 6, 2012 is the most critical date in the life of this country since the Civil War!

Obama Tramples on the Constitution Again

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Our country, this United States of America, a country of laws, is descending rapidly into a dictatorship in which the president unilaterally passes laws and the Congress ––– where the framers of the Constitution placed the responsibility of making and passing laws ––– is being bypassed whenever he, the president, disagrees with the Congress. He has done it again with a mini-dream act ––– providing amnesty for young illegals (16-30 years old). This is a crass political ploy to get the Hispanic vote in the upcoming election. Such an act, more inclusive, was turned down by the Congress. But no matter what one thinks about amnesty, pro or con, the important point is that Obama has thumbed his nose at the Congress. He is once again trampling on the Constitution.
In a previous post, The Road to a Totalitarian Future, in April of this year, I outlined all the outlandish flouting of the Constitution by this administration. Look it over again. It is a frightening list and here it is:

FCC: Regulation of the Internet in the face of a court order from Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington D.C. stating that the FCC does not have the power to regulate the Internet
PPACA: Individual Mandate; To be heard by Supreme Court of the United States in March with a decision likely on June 25th.
EPA 1: GHG lawsuit; EPA’s own Inspector General reported last September that EPA failed to comply with its own data standards; Heard in Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington D.C. in February
OSM: Attempting to impose regulatory requirements on the 19 states with authority for exclusive regulation of their coalmines for the first time in more than 30 years
NLRB: Boeing; Engaged in unprecedented behavior as described by former Chairmen under both Presidents Bush (43) and Clinton; behavior is best exemplified in South Carolina where the Board tried to muzzle over 80 percent of state voters who supported a secret ballot amendment to the South Carolina Constitution and attempted unsuccessfully to tell an employer in the state where they can and cannot base manufacturing facilities
EPA: Florida Water; EPA’s numeric nutrient criteria pre-empted Florida standards; U.S. District Judge upheld the state’s site-specific alternative criteria for streams and rivers
EPA: Texas Air; TX filed lawsuit challenging Cross-State Air Pollution Rules; application rule to TX was particularly dubious because state was included in the regulation at the last minute and without an opportunity to respond to the proposed regulation; regulation was based on a dubious claim that air pollution from TX affected a single air-quality monitor in Granite City, Illinois more than 500 miles and three states away from Texas
EPA: Oklahoma Air; EPA illegally usurped Oklahoma’s authority in the Clean Air Act to determine the state’s own plan for addressing sources of emissions that affect visibility, by imposing a federal implementation plan; Federal plan goes beyond the authority granted to the EPA in the Clean Air Act and will result in $2 billion in cost to install technology needed to complete the EPA plan, and a permanent increase of 15-20 percent in the cost of electricity; Obama Administration is fighting Oklahoma’s appeal, which was filed in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals
HHS: Religious Liberty; HHS mandated religious entities such as Catholic, Baptist and Jewish schools and churches be required to provided medical services they find unconscionable to their employees; President attempted to compromise with an “accommodation” in name only that required insurance companies to provide the services for free to the religious organization employees; Accommodation made matters worse as many religious-base hospitals and schools are self-insurers; Seven Attorneys General filed suit to protect religious liberty and oppose the HHS mandate
DOJ: South Carolina & Voting Rights Act: Rejecting voter ID statutes that are similar to those already approved by the Supreme Court of the United States; DOJ ignored section 8 of the Voting Rights Act which calls for protections against voter fraud, and used section 5 to administratively block measures to protect the integrity of elections passed by state legislatures in preclearance states including South Carolina; South Carolina voter ID law merely requires a voter to show photo identification in order to vote or to complete an affidavit at the pain of perjury if the voter does not have a photo ID
DOJ: Arizona & Voting Rights Act: Rejecting voter ID statutes that are similar to those already approved by the Supreme Court of the United States
DOJ: Arizona Immigration; In violation of 10th Amendment, federal government to sue to prevent AZ from using reasonable measures to discourage illegal immigration within Arizona’s borders; Affects Arizona because state has a large percentage, compared to other states, of illegal immigrants and need to be able to act to reduce the number
DOJ: Alabama Immigration; The DOJ challenged Alabama’s immigration reform laws after parts were “green lighted” by a federal judge; DOJ appealed the ruling; parts of the AL case have been struck down in various federal courts; specific provisions of the law include collection of the immigration status of public school students, businesses must use E-Verify, prohibition of illegal immigrants receiving public benefits; the provision requiring immigrants to always carry alien registration cards; allowance of lawsuits by state citizens who do not believe public officials are enforcing the law
DOJ: South Carolina Immigration; DOJ challenged South Carolina’s immigration reform laws that are very similar to the AZ which is scheduled to appear before the United States Supreme Court; SC case will be heard by the 4th Circuit soon there after as the 4th Circuit granted SC motion to extend the filing time until after the US Supreme Court issues an Opinion in AZ
Congressional: “Recess” appointments to NLRB (three) and CFPB (one)
EEOC: Hosanna Tabor (MI); Sought to reinstate a minister who was discharged for her disagreement with the religious doctrine of the church
DOE: Yucca Mountain; In 2009, Administration arbitrarily broke federal law and derailed the most studied energy project in American history when DOE announced intent to withdraw 8,000 page Yucca Mountain licensing application with prejudice; SC and Washington State filed suit, as a result, contesting the unconstitutional action; American people have paid more than $31 billion (including interest) through percentages of electric rate fees towards the project and taxpayers have footed an addition $200 million in legal feeds and over $2 billion in judgments against the DOE for breaking contracts associated with Yucca Mountain
DOI: Glendale Casino (AZ); Glendale is a violation because the Federal Government is forcing a family-oriented town, Glendale, to become another Las Vegas against its will.  Essentially, the Federal Government has granted ‘reservation status’ to a 54-acre plot in the same town, where the Tohono O’odham Nation plans to build a resort and casino.

All of these and more are deeply disturbing. Our nation seems to be descending into a governmental structure in which the rule of law no longer resides in the Constitution and in the Courts, but in an ever-growing authoritarian executive branch.

We MUST act! We MUST return the White House and the Congress to a Republican Party that will reverse the terrible downhill course we are on. We MUST set aside major and minor differences within the party, among conservatives of every stripe, and focus all our efforts to winning in November! Otherwise, we face a future in which our freedoms, our laws, our remarkable history will be devoured by a totalitarian juggernaut.

Dreaming of a Superhero

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

I don’t read the New York Times anymore ––– it’s not journalism, it’s just Democrat/left wing/socialist propaganda. However, I do remember reading Maureen Dowd from time-to-time.
So, when a June 3rd Sunday Times op-ed piece by Maureen Dowd was sent to me by a friend and he asked for my opinion of it,  I responded and thought it might be a reasonable thing to post. So, here goes.

Her rant,”Dreaming of a Superhero,”  displays, once more, her acid, contempt-filled, angry, hysterical rhetoric ––– only this time aimed at a Democrat ––– her “lover,” Barack Hussein Obama, who has jilted her by becoming an ineffectual dweeb. She heaps ridicule after ridicule upon him in her best pop-psychoanalytical drawl. But you can be sure, she’ll vote for him, and ultimately write a scathing column about Romney, and how Obama will save the world from this mean, stupid, venal, and hush, hush, let’s not say it aloud, Mormon.

I doubt this tongue lashing of Obama means anything. It probably will, unfortunately, increase her readership. And the New York Times with all its hypercritical, condescending, pseudo-intellectual minions will soon be out blasting the trumpets for Obama’s reelection.

Maureen Dowd did this kind of criticism when Clinton was president when he “didn’t have sex with that woman.” She and he ultimately kissed and made up. The less attention given her the better. She’s just a sad, unhappy, left-wing boob who should be both pitied and scorned. She doesn’t reflect the major, or even minor, attitudes of the left-wing in this country who will do ANYTHING to get Obama re-elected, no matter what he does.


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