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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Protesters Plan To Lay Siege to Chicago

At the end of next week the city of Chicago will be in a state of chaos with many important roadways sealed off. Why? Well, anti-war protesters, Occupy Wall Street lunatics, anti-G-8 protesters and other assorted maniacs are descending on the city to protest the G-8 meetings (which are actually meeting May 18-19 at Camp David in Maryland!) and the NATO ministers meeting in Chicago at McCormick Place from May 20-21. It doesn’t matter the agenda of these protesters, they all share a visceral dislike of the world’s political and economic system. They are coming on airplanes, buses, trains, car pools, and some are even hitchhiking in order to reach Chicago and play out their hatred of the status quo. They will march through downtown streets and demonstrate in public squares. No one knows how many protesters will be here to meet the ministers and heads of state as they arrive in Chicago. The police have estimated 2000 to 10,000 demonstrators although the Occupy Wall Street crowd have set a goal of up to 50,000, and although they are used to camping in public spaces, Chicago authorities will not allow any of them to camp out during these NATO/G-8 protests.

It appears that the Occupy Wall Street crowd are leading and instigating these protests. I wonder what Obama and the Democrats think about that since many believe that the OWS lunatics are a creature they have created.

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