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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Obama’s Political Chicanery

I’ve been watching the president put a full court press on the Republicans, sometimes bending the truth and sometimes, it seems, lying.
To hear him, the economy is coming back and is on a great trajectory to recovery. In February, the economy added 227,000 new jobs, and the December and January it jobs numbers were revised upward to 61,000 hires. 31,000 jobs were gained in manufacture, 82,000 in business services, 44,000 in leisure and hospitality, and 61,000 in healthcare. But 13,000 jobs were lost in construction, indicating the poor state of the housing market. The share of employable adults rose to 63.9%, although it still is at a 20 year low. 428,000 more Americans are working. But unemployment stayed at a historic high of 8.3%. Long-term unemployment ––– those without jobs for more than six months was over 5 million, 42.7% of all jobless workers; and the total unemployed nationwide is about 12.5 million. Finally, the unemployment rate for Hispanics is 10.7% and 14.1% for blacks (almost twice the rate for whites). Not really a great picture. He should drop the soundbites and give the true picture to the public.

After making a mess of the contraception issue and his dustup with the Catholic Church, Obama  turned his mistake around on to the Republicans. The latter, insisted that the HHS mandate for contraceptive coverage by Catholic schools/hospitals, etc. was clearly unconstitutional (First Amendment). Now Obama insists the Republicans are waging war against women, and has sent out 1 million letters to women indicating this, and that he will fight for them!

Oh, yes. Today it was announced that by 2022, Obamacare will cost the country between $1.65 trillon and $2.75 trillion. That’s not the billions of dollars of  SAVINGS that Obama originally promised.

And his foreign policy is a mess as well. Iraq is now chaotic with civil war on the horizon.  Iran’s mullahs are licking their chops planning to make Iraq a vassal state ––– all because Obama preemptively withdrew all American forces, leaving the nascent Iraqi government to deal with the rising sectarian violence.
He did the same in Afghanistan –––– announcing that the United States would withdraw all forces in 2014! Now the Taliban and are making a real comeback ––– only needing to wait and in 2014 take over.
And Obama seems to be reluctant to stand up to Iran’s headlong flight into the development of atomic weapons. When the Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu, came to Washington, Obama said “You can trust us, we will watch your back.” And the next day, at a news conference, he seemed to back away from this. So Israel is presumably on its own, and might need to act preemptively by attacking before Iran’s nuclear capabilities are achieved

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  1. Financial Services Says:

    The suffering is real and will get worse, and the need is for more understanding for the jobless and homeless, not less. In particular, it’s essential that the law be changed so that courts can ease the terms of mortgages on houses, to let people to keep making payments and keep their homes. Courts can do that for other kinds of debts, including mortgages on vacation homes, so it’s stupid that they can’t do this for family homes.

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