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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Two Examples of Fine Entertainment

Over the past several weeks, I’ve seen and heard two memorable events in the theater.
Max Raabe and his Palast Orchester performed the high style and musical glory of the 1920’s and 30’s at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. This is the third time I’ve seen and heard this group. Raabe  and his 12 member band of superb musicians have been together for about 10 years. Raabe is a singer of great range who captures the cabaret music of Europe and the United States during the 20’s and 30’s with such songs as: “I Kiss Your Hand Madame,”  “My Little Green Kaktus,”  “Cheek to Cheek,”  “Night and Day,”  “I Got Rhythm,” and the unforgettable, “My Gorilla Has a Villa in a Zoo,”  and many more.
Raabe provides wry commentary before each song. He and the band have performed in many cities in the United States and  across the globe including Shanghai, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Vienna, Amsterdam, Rome, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo. When they return to Philadelphia, or wherever, don’t miss seeing them.

A totally different experience was Clybourne Park. It is a play about race, guilt, grief and loss. It is powerful. I saw it played at the Arden Theater in Philadelphia. It takes the 1959 play, “Raisin in the Sun,” and turns the story around telling it from the opposite angle, the angle of the people (the villains) who tried to keep blacks out of certain housing in the 1959 play. The acting is quite good. The play should not be missed. It is going to New York City next.

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