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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

A Chaotic Century

Okay. I’ve had it and am about to explode. The United States, and indeed the world, is slowly but surely sliding into chaos. In the United States, we have a president and a party that are transforming the country into a postmodern social democratic nation with the majority of the population on government doles. This will destroy the country, as I knew it, where freedom and opportunity were paramount. Thus, with this great threat hanging over our heads, the opposition, the Republican Party, is trying to find a candidate to lead an election in November aimed at throwing out the president and his party. So, what are the Republicans doing? The choices for president are four individuals far from the brightest stars in the political firmament. And to worsen the situation, all they seem capable of doing is destroying each other with unbelievable calumny while the Democrat president smiles and his party applauds as these Republicans proceed to hand the election to these malevolent incumbents.

While this is happening, the Middle East sizzles on the brink of war, possibly nuclear, between Israel and Iran, the latter threatening to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth with new nuclear weapons which our president refused to prevent the Iranians from developing.

Meanwhile, the European Union and the euro are about to implode leading the world into a financial debacle. No leadership. No solutions to a poorly thought out concept of a currency union without a political union. And these nations are seriously threatened from within as well, by their growing Muslim populations that have immigrated from the Middle East and who threaten the political stability of Europe’s governments and the very fabric of a thousand years of European culture and religion.
And the population of the world continues to grow, now exceeding 6 billion. There’s not enough food to keep up with this growth, and starvation beckons, while the uncompromising, muddle-headed environmentalists interfere with the use of genetically altered foods that could help to prevent this kind of catastrophe.

But worry not, there’s lots more chaos lurking in the “pest holes” (better known as governments, board rooms, political parties, militias, terrorist cells, and other human agencies) waiting to spring out to further plague mankind.

Yes, the 21st century is promising to be a disaster!

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