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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Are The Republicans Dropping The Ball?

Well, Christmas, 2011 is gone. 2012 hovers just outside our vision, but portends to be a year that will be etched boldly in our nation’s history. The election of a president, one third of the Senate, and the House of Representatives.
The president, Barack Hussein Obama is a Democrat, the Senate is in Democratic hands (53-47), and the House is firmly in Republican hands.
The economy is in a dreadful state––– 8.9% unemployment; 14+ trillion dollars in national debt; untold regulations heaped upon businesses, which are stifling economic recovery and growth; a government growing larger and larger each year, piling up millions of dollars of debt every minute; corruption in the administration (Solyndra; failure to prosecute the Black Panthers voter intimidation efforts; action against voter ID rules; bypassing the Constitution through regulations, etc., etc.); the imminent implementation of ObamaCare if reelected, which will plunge the economy into even greater debt and increase unemployment; foreign affairs debacles (abrupt pull-out from Iraq; failing to confront Iran; antagonism toward our allies; etc., etc.).
So, the president and the Democrats should be an easy target for defeat in November. Right? Wrong!
The Republicans are in disarray. Their primary election follies are marked by painful attacks on each other, rather than the rightful target ––– Obama, his administration, and the Democrat controlled Senate. What the Republicans should be doing is: focus on the dreadful economy and HOW THEY, THE REPUBLICANS, WILL FIX IT; point out the corruption in this administration and HOW THEY, THE REPUBLICANS, WILL PREVENT IT IN THE FUTURE; how Obama is not only a flawed and ineffective leader, but what his agenda and motives are and WILL BE if re-elected, and how this will plunge us into a European-style mega-government state that has failed in Europe –– see the Euro crisis; compare and contrast Obama’s tax, regulatory, energy, and health care policies that will destroy our economy and HOW THE REPUBLICANS WILL PROVIDE AN ALTERNATIVE VISION; and how the Republicans will elect a President who WILL NOT go around the world bad-mouthing America; and how a new administration WILL restore America’s standing as the leader of the free-world.
Just lambasting Obama and the Democrats won’t work, won’t win this critical election ––– Republicans must articulate WHAT THEY WILL DO TO TURN THE NATION AWAY FROM ITS PRESENT FREE-FALL.

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