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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

The Continued Washington Follies

The Washington Follies continue. Neither Boehner nor Harry Reid nor Obama have addressed the real problems –––– we promise too much and then spend too much to try to keep those promises and as a result the government has grown twice its size since 2001. We can’t afford this any longer!

To deal with the looming need to increase our nation’s debt limit:

1.Speaker Boehner is offering a bill with spending cuts without tax increases. These cuts are said to equal or exceed the $2.5 trillion to increase the debt limit that’s offered. But the 2.5 trillion is spent NOW and the cuts occur over 10 years! Who’s kidding who?

2. Senate Majority leader Reid is offering to raise the debt limit by 2.5 trillion with equal cuts in spending without tax increases. But like the Speaker’s bill, the trillions are spent NOW and the cuts occur over 10 years! And the cuts are a laugh ––– the cuts are not real, only gimmicks–––e.g. most of the cuts are based on the facts that we won’t be at war in Iraq and Afghanistan and therefore won’t spend that money! This is NUTS!

3. And Obama doesn’t care about anything but his reelection and his unfettered spending that’s running us into the ground. He doesn’t care about the unemployed, the threatened downgrading of our bonds, and certainly not our downhill overall economy!

What are we to do? Some of those in the government are just stupid. Some are venal. Some are malevolent. I guess our only hope is 2012––– but look at the candidates–––– Romney, Bachmann, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Palin, Paul and other similar dwarves. Heaven help us!

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