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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

A Day of Pride and Infamy

Today, July 8, 2011 is a day of pride and a day of terrible, terrible infamy.
The pride we should feel is for our superb astronauts, engineers, IT experts, astrophysicists, etc. who have collaborated today on the shuttle’s LAST flight and all the flights before.  They are all true heroes.
But the infamy is that this is the LAST shuttle flight for all time.  Closed down.  Finished.  NASA is nowhere.  The Obama administration has once more delivered a blow to American excellence.  Spending trillions of dollars on thousands of programs, many of which we could well do without, while essentially destroying one of America’s greatest successes and future ventures.  Now, the only country that has the capability for human space exploration is Russia –––– so first in space and now last into space ––– they’ve won, we’ve lost.  Was this Obama’s plan all along?
The long term future for the human race is in space.  The Earth, and the Sun will not forever favor  the continuation of life here.  If our race is to survive it is in space. One can only hope that future administrations will undo this infamous day and put America back into the lead in this ultimate journey for Mankind.

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