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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Another Obama “Victory” in Foreign Policy.

The Obama foreign policy has been one false step after another. It appears that a big loss might The Revolt of the Hedge Funds.
There’s a news story about Afghanistan which is circulating, and if true, could be calamitous for the United States. It has been leaked that there was an April 16 meeting in Kabul which involved the Pakistani Prime Minister, Gilani and Afghan President Karzai. Galani is said to have told Karzi that the United States had failed both countries and that Karzai should abandon long-term military cooperation with the United States and instead throw in with Pakistan and its close ally, China. Then, Pakistan and China would help broker a peace deal with the Taliban and help Afghanistan rebuild its economy. This kind of disastrous event for the United States has been fostered by among other missteps: the Obama announcement that the United States will withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, the Obama administration’s negative relationship with Karzai, and the declaration today that Gen. David Petreaus would leave his post as Commander of the American Forces in Afghanistan and become director of the CIA.What all this means for the United States and its influence in the Middle East can only be conjectured at this time. But, it doesn’t look good.

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