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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

NPR Exposed Again

A shocking undercover video was released yesterday. James O’Keefe (who exposed ACORN) and his team of investigative journalists at The Project Veritas secretly filmed the meeting of a senior executive, Ron Schiller, at National Public Radio (NPR), with “Muslim Brotherhood” agents. Posing as a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate, they offered NPR $5 million “out of concern” for the GOP’s defunding  efforts, and to lessen the “Jew influence” and “Jew money” going to NPR. The bigoted reaction from Ron Schiller, the NPR executive was truly alarming. He characterized the Tea Party as “seriously racist, racist people,” and he agreed that Jews control the media. This footage came one day after NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller challenged critics of NPR’s government funded news to uncover any evidence of liberal bias in NPR’s coverage of the news!

Ron Schiller’s bigoted, anti-Semitic rants, and anti-conservative comments by other senior NPR executives, indicate they have  no credibility to work for any organization that claims to be a news agency. NPR made similar pejorative remarks about Juan Williams when he was fired for his comments on Fox News.

NPR has a long history of using billions in taxpayer dollars to promote a left-wing political agenda. Their government newscasts have openly mocked Christians and Jews. And NPR’s “coverage” has falsely accused conservative author and radio host Mark Levin of advocating violence. In the past, one NPR reporter said, on air, that she  hoped Senator Jesse Helms and members of his family contracted AIDS. Needless to say, she was never admonished about this.

Thanks to the widespread dissemination of Ron Schiller’s diatribe, he has already left NPR, and due to an outcry by conservatives, National Public Radio CEO Vivian Schiller( no relation to Ron ) has been “forced out” today, according to NPR’s own statements.

Although NPR provides some excellent  arts, film, theater, and music programs, the organization needs to “clean up its act” and allow diversity of opinion in their news reporting and in their analyses. That is extremely unlikely. Thus, under no circumstance should NPR receive public monies either now or in the future.

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