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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

How ObamaCare Impacts Doctors

Many doctors expect ObamaCare to be a disaster for them.  The bill will reinforce the worst features of the present third-party payment provisions in both the public and  private sectors, further compromising the professional independence and integrity of the medical profession, according to Robert E. Moffit, director of the Center for Health Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation.

Under ObamaCare, approximately 18 million of the 34 million who would receive insurance over the next 10 years would be placed in Medicaid, a welfare program administered and funded by both the federal government and the states. According to Moffit this will displace many private health insurance programs, and increase government control over health care financing and delivery.

In addition to existing payment rules, regulations and guidelines,ObamaCare creates many new federal agencies, boards and commissions. Health care reform should be designed to restore the doctor-patient relationship, where doctors would be the key decision makers in the delivery of care, and patients would be the key decision makers in the financing of care.  This cannot occur until patients control health care dollars and decisions, and third party insurance programs are directly accountable to those who pay the health care bills.

Source: Robert E. Moffit, “ObamaCare and its Impact on Doctors,” Physicians News Digest,
June 14, 2010


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