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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

The Alien in the White House

Dorothy Rabinowitz, a member of the Wall Street Editorial Board has written a most insightful opinion piece on June 9th, in the Wall Street Journal which describes the deep division that exists between the American people and President Obama and his Administration. He is indeed an “alien” in the White House. Unlike most of us, President Obama dismisses the notion that America is better or even luckier than other nations. He loathes the idea that Americans tend to think of themselves as special among the peoples of the Earth, considering this as ignorance and ethnocentrism. President Obama considers himself a multiculturalist –– a citizen of the world, first, and only secondarily President of the United States. He looks upon cosmopolitanism as morally and intellectually superior to patriotism, and apologizes for America’s supposed depredations, despite the enormous blood, treasure, political and cultural gifts America has given to the world since its founding. Obama is seriously disconnected from this country, which is a looming tragedy for us as well as him.

I’m providing a link to the full article.

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