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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

Obamacare Will Enhance The Physician Shortage

Obamacare, when implemented, will mandate that thirty-two or thirty-three million more Americans get insurance and presumably visit physicians who might not have the time or financial incentive to see them. In other words, these patients will now have coverage but uncertain access. While coverage and access to medical care are laudable goals, the delivery and payment systems to achieve these are totally inadequate and should have been the focus rather than this incomprehensible mish-mash called Obamacare. What also hasn’t been understood by the people who drafted this bill and who, of course, knew nothing about medicine, is that we are faced with an aging population needing more care and a burgeoning technology that has generated new demand for specialists. The result will be more patients and less money for physicians already shortchanged by Medicaid and Medicare. We will see medical chaos that, of course, will be blamed on the physicians and not where it belongs –––the political class.

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