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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

The Fat is on the Fire

To use a venerable cliché ––– ” the fat is on the fire “––– and it is likely we’ll all get burned.
The president has published his own healthcare bill (about time, huh?). But it basically looks like an amalgam of the Senate and House bills, both of which are monstrosities. On February 25th, Obama meets with representatives of the Republicans and Democrats in an effort to get support for his bill (the Republicans are in a peculiar position––– they have to meet since the president requested it––– but it looks like they are being faced with a yea or nay on a bill they cannot support and with no opening available to get their alternative plans discussed)
If the meeting ends without bipartisan support for the Obama bill, the Democrats and the president will try to ram it through both houses of Congress without Republican support using a bag full of political chicanery. It’s a trillion dollar bill on top of the trillion dollar deficits we already have! The American people will be bankrupt!
The impact on our lives, our children’s lives, and our stability as a nation is about to “go down the tubes ” because of the political hubris of the president and congressional Democrats. We can only hope they fail at their Alice in Wonderland tea party on the 25th.

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