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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

The Media in the Time of Obama

There is so much nonsense circulating in the world. None is more destructive than what emanates from our mainstream media about all the shenanigans of the Administration and Congress. Why don’t we hear all sides of the vexing problems facing us? Why of course ––– how stupid of me. The Media created Barack Obama, he’s their guy, and they want to make certain he succeeds, even if success for Obama means destruction of the financial, legislative, medical, judicial, and cultural structure of the United States. Thus, it would be foolish to hear all sides. My goodness! We might disagree with him!

Let us take health-care as an issue. He wants to “reform” it. No, he doesn’t. He wants to restructure it along the socialist patterns one finds in Canada, Western Europe, China and Russia. He wants to provide “access for all.” What nonsense that is. He really wants to provide “coverage” for all. But with universal coverage one gets reduced access––– you can’t suddenly shoe horn in 310 million people into a universal system and give everyone “access.” So, with decreased access we get long waiting lists followed by significant rationing. Oh, boy. I can hear the American public some day shouting, I love “reform.” But, the president doesn’t care who gets hurt ––– just so he can say, “Look what I did. I reformed the health care system. Clinton couldn’t do it. But I could!”

So what about the cost of this grand boondoggle? Oh, that’s easy, Obama says. First, tax the “wealthy” to help pay for it. Then, reduce Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements to doctors and hospitals, so those programs will be less expensive and therefore that will help pay for the “reform.”  And don’t you think cutting and rationing medical care for the elderly is a great idea? (why not? They don’t contribute anything to society any more, except they paid for Medicare with money taken from their paychecks all their lives). And don’t you think it’s a good idea to cut and ration medical care for the poor? (they don’t contribute anything to society, do they? Why, they don’t even pay taxes. But they’ll die happy since they’re “covered.”).

But, there is a segment of society that must have immediate access to the best and most complete medical care that modern medicine can provide, namely the Administration, Congress, and the wealthy who have contributed early and often to the Democrat Party( and possibly some media types who have been the most egregious liars). Wow! Sounds a lot like a big dose of fairness, don’t you think?

I could go on and on. We’re looking at disaster. However, I bet all those baby boomers who voted for Obama and who are tumbling, stumbling, and tottering into retirement are going to love the increased taxes and limited access to medical care. And with “global warming” we can’t even put them out on ice floes and wave goodbye.

And hey, if Obama gets a second term, by the end of that term, we’ll look a lot like Venezuela ––– and hey, Obama is a great admirer of Hugo Chavez––– so . . . hey, maybe we’ll be looking at another president for life.

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