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Title: Blog by Novelist William S. Frankl, MD

The Media’s Man

I’m certain many who visit my blog are Democrats and are thoroughly behind president Obama. But . . . hey. Are you certain his policies are good for the nation? Are you certain you understand what he is doing? Do you know what he really stands for? How do you know?
Well, look at these facts and decide if it’s prudent for you to dig a little deeper. Although the blogosphere is a greater and greater source of information, much of what we know about politics and world affairs still come from the media ––– TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. So, now look at these facts and ask yourself if the media is in love with Obama, and therefore believes he is infallible, and therefore that the media has not represented the facts in an unbiased manner,
Last Wednesday, ABC News aired his entire program from the White House, almost all of it related to the president’s so-called health care ” reform ” efforts. They also held an hour long prime time conversation with Obama about health care “reform.” Please note that ABC refused to allow any dissenting views.
Oh, and is it interesting to you that Linda Douglass, the communications director in the White House’s Office of Health Care Reform is a former ABC News reporter? And, that ABC employees gave 80 times more in contributions to Obama than McCain in the last election? And that ABC News aired stories supporting Obama’s health care reform efforts 55 times, with only 18 against? Isn’t it important to know all the facts?
Last week, CBS News aired two prime time programs entitled “Barack Obama: An American Dad,” and “Barack Obama: The American President.”
Before Obama went on his Middle East tour, NBC News aired four hours of interviews in prime time on two consecutive nights about a day in the life of Obama in the White House.
The print media is also in the tank for Obama. The PBS News Hour, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Newsweek magazine published or presented positive items 42% of the times during Obama’s first two months in office vs 27% for Clinton and 22% for GW Bush during the same periods in their presidencies.
I guess one can say, ” Why not? ” All these media outlets want to sell things––– they survive on their advertisers and their viewers. If the president is portrayed as a celebrity star, rather than what he is ––– the nation’s prime mover of domestic and foreign policy––– we’ll never hear about those less “sexy” items. But I for one, am not interested about his dates in New York City or Paris, or how he swats flies ––– I want to know about his policies and how they affect me and my family and how they affect the nation as a whole.
An NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll recently found that 56% of the public lacked confidence in Obama’s economic policies; 56% were against the bailout of General Motors; and 52% opposed closing the Guantanamo Bay prison. Why don’t we hear more about these issues in the mainstream press? Do those on charge of these media outlets want to keep us in the dark?
I say let’s drop the celebrity bit. He’s not a film star, sports star, or an astronaut just back from space ––– he’s just our president. What he really up to?
Perhaps I’ve hit on the true Obama phenomenon, for this apparent enchantment with Obama. Perhaps it’s not that the media is in love with him. Perhaps it’s not that they feel he’s infallible. Perhaps it’s because, as the first ” Rock Star President,” if he’s always front and center, cluttering up the news, he’ll sell more products, more advertised thingamabobs, more widgets. Perhaps he’s really a creature of the media, their first ” Rock Star Pitchman” But if that’s the case, what about health care? Energy? The economy? Iraq? Iran? North Korea? Who’s watching the store? HELP!!!

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